Best Boat Beers

Best Boat Beers

For us, day drinkin on the boat is better than those late night outings. It’s much better not waking up with a hangover on those early mornings missions too. Whether it’s out on the boat or after a long day on the water while you’re cleaning up, nothing beats an ice cold beer straight out of the cooler. We picked our favorite micro brew boat beers for summer and decided to share them with you.  They are all under 5% alcohol to keep things light and easy. They may be light on alcohol but none of them are light on flavor. After a full day of careful testing by our team we decided there is no favorite! We like them all and lucky for us we have all summer to keep enjoying them although most of them are available year round while we are chasing summer even in the winter time. We will say one thing that stands out is  we really like that 11% of Sweetwater’s Guide Beer profits help fund projects that positively impact the environment in guides’ communities. So while you’re enjoying beers you’re also helping out. 

Here’s the full list of our favorites:

Sweetwater Brewing “Guide Beer” Lager 4%

Laguanitas “Daytime” IPA 4%

Kona Brewing “Big Wave” Golden Ale 4.4%

Founders “All Day” IPA 4.7%

Bell’s “Light Hearted” Low Cal IPA 3.7%

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