Boat Drinks - Friday Beer

Boat Drinks - Friday Beer

Sometimes the best drinks don't require a PHD to decipher the recipe, or a bar stocked full of way too many options. Sometimes it just takes a small dose of flavor creativity to bring new life to something as simple as... a beer. As much as we love a great craft beer, there's no denying they aren't always the best for the boat in the sun all day. For easy drinking, we find a Modelo hard to beat. But, sometimes there's just a little extra we're looking for with it.

So for this week's Boat Drink, welcome to the Friday Beer. We take that simple Modelo and give it a little simple twist with a slice of lime and some Tajin on the rim (or Trader Joe's Chile Lime). Did we mention it's simple? Now, if you want to turn it up a notch, here's the kicker: add in a shot of Desert Door Sotol. If you haven't heard of it, do yourself the favor and check it out. Stemming from the desert lands of south TX, we like to think of it as an earthier/smokier version of the common Mezcal or Tequila. It's a special kind of taste, and one you have to experience yourself. And it's a perfect addition to crank up your Friday Beer.

There's no special recipe for this one, just make it to taste. And yes, some folks might call this the "Dirty Mexican Ashtray". But does that not just sound dirty? 

Modelo Friday Beer

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