Captains For Clean Water x Deadrise Project

Captains For Clean Water x Deadrise Project

An important part about growing a passion project and a brand for us is being a part of the community and making sure we give back. We have been on the water our whole lives, and as we enter 2021 with Deadrise Project, it’s increasingly important to give back to the outdoors that give us so much enjoyment on our coastal adventures. The next step was finding a nonprofit organization to contribute to and work with to give back. This year we chose Captains For Clean Water.

Captains For Clean Water has been quickly gaining momentum on two fronts that we find extremely important. First, they're spreading the word about real issues in our coastal environment and doing it in a modern and engaging way on social media. They're not only listening to our great community, but they're helping us all join together into one substantial front with a voice to be heard. Second, they're taking action, and we're seeing much needed changes begin to actually take place. It’s easy for us to get behind an organization that gets it done and makes a difference.

Stay tuned for some collaborations between us and follow us on instagram to see what we have cookin’ for some easy fundraising opportunities and ways for you to get involved. Let's all be a part of the movement for change to protect our waters. Because at the end of the day, it's what we all live for: time on the water.

Info and links to learn more about CFCW

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