Central Florida Airboatin’

Central Florida Airboatin’

We are always on the hunt for like minded folks to hang out with. It’s a win-win when you can make business relationships and friendships work together.  I recently partnered up with Scott that owns White’s Tackle in Fort Pierce to open a new White’s Tackle location in Jupiter. You’ll be seeing some collaborations between Deadrise Project and White’s in the future.

 Scott and I were scheduled to meet up with some guys from Captains for Clean Water down at Flamingo but as often the case this time of year the weather prohibited us from making the trip. Something we try hard to do is stay flexible with plans so when we get shut down by weather. Then we can pick another adventure since we already have the scheduled time off which is usually half the battle for all of us. 

 Was on a last minute call and Scott said well shit with the wind doing what it’s doin’ let’s just grab my airboat and scout out some new campsites up off the Kissimmee river and Three Lakes area. Perfect, I hadn’t been on an airboat since I was a kid I’m always up for a new adventure. Last time I was on one it was on a trailer and we were doing some durability wind testing on the GFC superlite rooftop tent but that didn’t really count.

 I met him up at his place and we hit the road headed for a launch spot. A little over an hour ride from Fort Pierce and we hit the launch spot on the lake. I assumed you launch at a ramp or something close. Nah, park in a field, unhook the winch, and throw the truck in reverse. When you slam on the brakes she slides back and makes her way off the trailer. Park the truck, load our gear, dial in the headset coms and fire it up.  Turn and slide into the river (avoiding the black mud I’m told) and head across the lake.

 I love big open spaces and appreciate old Florida or for that matter anything old lately. I hadn’t though much about it but the airboat gets you in places that you pretty much can’t get to with anything else. Once I realized that it was love at first site on a new way to explore Florida. Yeah, I’m hooked.

 Wildlife everywhere and a handful of bass boats flyin around but not much else. I’m a sucker for moss in the trees and man that shit was everywhere. Was like we were riding on a time machine. Scott said we had to swing by Camp Mack fish camp to grab a few supplies and then hit up a spot with “awesome” margaritas for lunch. I was skeptical to say the least.

 Pretty much pull up wherever you want with these things so we ride up on the point, hop off and crawl under a fence with a no trespassing sign and slide through what feels like the back door of a shack and we’re at the lunch spot. As suspected the margaritas weren’t what Scott calls amazing. But they were margaritas nonetheless and that suited me just fine.

 After lunch we went running around scouting out potential camp spots for the night. First couple we scouted already had folks posted up. Mostly people out there hunting. Scott has a few apps that show what are supposed to be campsites. They’re pretty much in the middle of nowhere and it takes some scouting to actually find them.

 Eventually we hit the jackpot. Found a site with a few tables already set up, an old tractor wheel as a fire ring, and sort of a shack that had a cord with a 12 volt lightbulb hanging on a hook with a few gator clips. Just had to scout out a few good trees for our hammocks and we were ready to set up for the night.

 Good business partnerships clearly require some solid beer drinking, some bourbon, good stories, giant steaks over a fire, and couple hammocks to rest your head for the night in the middle of nowhere.

 Next morning we woke up to cloudy skies and had originally planned to make coffee and breakfast at the site but we thought it was best to pick up and roll out. Mission accomplished - We found a perfect campsite and ready for the next trip up here with the wives. (Note: For couples trips scoping out spots before taking your significant other on the same adventure is highly advised.)

 I need another hobby like I need a hole in the head by I gotta say the airboat experience in Florida is pretty bad ass. Look forward to more from White’s Tackle and Deadrise Project in the future. Yeah we opened a new tackle shop and didnt bring one rod on this particular trip but we had a hell of a good time.

 Catch you on the next trip!






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