Sandbar Coffee Riser

Sandbar Coffee Riser

Not sure about you but we are always looking for new activities or excuses to get out on our center console boats and skiffs. Getting up early in the morning sucks but we’ve figured out that being up early is amazing. In our search for gear and stuff to do we came up with the idea to get up super early one day and get out on the sand bar to watch the sunrise before doing some fishing we had planned to do that day. We find if you take the time to do something different outside of your regular routine you’ll find yourself a lot more fulfilled. If you can get your buddies to get off their ass and motivated, take the time to set up on your local sandbar to make some fresh coffee and check out the sunrise. By the time you’re done you’ll still be ten steps ahead of everyone else on the day. We used a compact camp stove we had in our camping bin and a beat up old Cuban coffee pot. We are on the hunt for a better camp stove that we can sell here on the site and a good coffee pot just for these types of outings on the boat. But for now, the old stuff worked fine. The important thing is, we got out there. You should too. 

Coffee on the sandbar with your boat

What you’ll need:

The boat

The buddies 

A table - Click Here to check out our DIY table we made

Propane camp stove burner 

Small camping propane cylinder 

Cuban coffee pot percolator or French press 

Some damn good coffee 

(Don’t forget the lighter or matches)

Just one of the many ideas we have to get you out there. We hope this inspires you to come up with your own creative ways to do something outside the norm.

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