Deadrise Gift Guide

Deadrise Gift Guide

At Deadrise Project we are a small business trying to grow and do something new for you. We realize that we are supposed to do holiday sales, Black Friday events, Cyber Monday deals and all the other nonsense involved with running a retail business. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to do it by adding to the tsunami of emails and posts. Instead we are offering some simple gift guides for you to shop for your friends and loved ones. This year we have been steadily building relationships with other brands and searching for an offering of products that we use ourselves and stand behind. Yeah we are an online retailer but we are a small shop and also hope to offer you a whole lot more as we grow in order to improve your coastal culture experience.

Our gift guide is an offering of hand selected quality goods including some of our own original designs and the other brands that we sell and support as well. It’s gifts designed for boaters and those folks that are part of true coastal culture.  The stuff you grab when you’re buddy calls and says "hey let’s hook the boat up to the truck and head out on an adventure this weekend." Purpose built products that look good and work well at the same time.

If you want to make a difference for people in the community - shop small. Sure we would love you to shop with us online  - but if you don’t, get out there and support your local shops - surf shop, tackle shop, or a friend in your town that owns a small business and has shopping options for gifts for your loved ones.

Enjoy our guide and the holiday season and remember what’s most important this year... Friends, family, and more adventures on the coast.

Get up and go, 

The Deadrise Team


Weekend Getaway Gift Collection For The Dog Lover and Beer Drinker


Weekend Getaway Gift Collection For The Rum Drinker Who May Pass Out or Get Stranded 

These are just a few of our favorites. To build your own perfect weekend getaway kit, shop by brand and add to cart! Shop Small, Support Local, and Happy Holidays



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