Spanish Wells Skiff

Spanish Wells Skiff

How the Spanish Wells Skiff became our Deadrise Project boat.


The Deadrise Project came about as a passion project out of a desire to travel and explore more of the coastal US with a trailer boat and vintage truck. I wanted to motivate people, as well as share experiences and products that we use ourselves. I realized, as life happens sometimes... we already had the perfect boat for it; a Spanish Wells Skiff. A vintage style bay boat for traveling the coast to go perfectly with our new brand. We have hull #1 that was built from the molds we restored back in 2015.

It started with a phone call from a good friend of mine, Brad at Headhunter Spearfishing back in 2014. “Hey man, you know those little marina skiffs that are all over Harbour Island in the Bahamas? My buddy bought the molds and he’s sending them to the US. We need a builder to make a handful of them. You interested?” I thought hell yeah what an opportunity, I love old stuff. I can take something classic and vintage, and put my own modern spin on it. So long story short we got the molds and refurbished them and built four Spanish Wells Boatworks skiffs. I designed the first one the way I wanted it and kept if for myself.

After the fourth boat I was too busy working on building the Sportfish Outfitters business to dedicate all of my time to it, so the molds went up to Mark Castlow at Dragonfly Boatworks to continue the tradition building the Spanish Wells Boats. I was very happy to see the traditional design of this amazing riding boat continue on with a great builder that could maintain the quality that the boats deserve.

The history of the boats

In the 1980s Chris Morejohn (later founder of Hell's Bay) was building and designing boats, living in Spanish Wells and designed the molds for the skiffs. The goal was to build a 20 foot version of the smaller Albury boats that were then the primary outboard skiff of the fishermen in Spanish Wells in Eleuthera. He put his new ideas into their already amazing design to make exactly what the fisherman of Spanish Wells wanted. Over 150 of the boats were built before the molds came to the US in 2014. They are still seen all over the Bahamas and Eleuthera. You can build your own custom Spanish Wells skiff today by inquiring with us or contacting Mark at Dragonfly Boatworks.

Look for us traveling around with hull number one and our 1973 International Pickup Truck “Josephine.” Say hello and ask us about the boat if you see it! 

Photos: Michelle Mackmann - Out Your Front Door 


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