Boat Drinks - The Deadrise Mary

Boat Drinks - The Deadrise Mary

Mornings are our favorite. Well, ok, sunsets too. But it's hard to beat kicking off the day with our favorite morning beverage: The Deadrise Mary. We've done our fair share of testing over the years on the numerous bloody mixes out there but were recently fortunate enough to score a bottle of Traeger's Smoked Bloody Mary mix and we're glad we did (literally found one of the last available bottles in the country. Apparently this stuff is like gold). It's smoky, tangy, full of flavor and doesn't make you want to take an immediate nap afterwards. Of course we take our bloodys kicked up a notch with some spice, and some good old Tapatio hot sauce is a guaranteed good time for this one. And yes, the jalapeños and pan fried bacon are a must. You'll thank us later. Check out the recipe below, stir one up, and get that day rolling.

Deadrise Mary Recipe:

-2.5 ounces Titos Vodka (2 ounces is so 2020)
-Traeger Smoked Bloody Mary Mix (you might have to trade your first born for it)
-Tapatio Hot Sauce
-Worcestershire Sauce
-Tajin for the rim
-Big ice cubes
-Pan fried bacon
-Salt and pepper

Mix it up, pour it back, make the day an adventure. Need a to-go cup? Check out our lineup of Corkcicle mugs and bottles here.


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