BOAT DRINKS - Ranch Water

BOAT DRINKS - Ranch Water

Boats and drinks go together like... well, is there really a better combo? From summertime sandbar hangs, snotty sailfish days, to sunset cruises, we're always mixing up a little something for the perfect occasion. Each week we'll be introducing you to another one of our favorites, that will hopefully soon be yours. 

To kick things off, we're throwing out our current summertime go-to drink: Ranch Water. Introduced to us on a trip to Charleston, this smooth sipper is hard to put down, and just dangerous enough to cause a little ruckus. It's simple, refreshing, and a guaranteed good time. Naturally, we've put our own Florida spin on it with some Key Lime juice to keep it just tropical enough. Get out there and give it a sip.

Ranch Water recipe

-1 bottle of Topo Chico original
-Remove bottleneck worth of liquid (drink it down)
-Replace with Espolon tequila
-3 squeezes of Nellie & Joe's Key West Lime juice 
-Thumb it, flip it upside down, and let it mix

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