What the hell is Deadrise Project?

What the hell is Deadrise Project?

We are two buddies that realized it was time for a change. We may step on some toes here but we aren't afraid. When you have a plan to make a change, it happens. The center console boating world has a void. There isn’t a company out there that encompasses the full spirit and soul of the center console lifestyle. Sure there are apparel brands, and some really good ones and a lot of them are friends of ours. We saw a need for more than just an apparel brand. We believe the center console boating culture needs an identity, a style of its own, and a common thread that brings everything together that we love about the boating we do.

There's a place for big box stores for general boaters, but they’re not for us. So we set out to do something totally different than what anyone has seen in the boating space and we intend to have a hell of a lot of fun doing it. Our influences crossover from surf, moto, bike, skate, vintage trucks along with cool shops and other brands we've seen In our travels outside of the boating world. In our opinion, California west coast culture and other places are always ahead on the style curve compared to Florida. Why not take all of that inspiration to create our own boating culture with a little more style. By sharing some experiences traveling the coast with our boats and trucks and meeting like minded folks along the way we’ll mix in quality products, beers, great food, music, and great friends to create the brand. And there ya have it - Deadrise Project.

What you'll see from us...

Apparel - Some of our own designs along with some from other brands we wear and like that we identify as having a common style and mission.

Marine supplies - In our "Boat Shop" section of the website. We have hand picked only the best stuff that we use on our boats after years of experience on the water. We own "Sportfish Outfitters" as well so trust us we have the experience to guide you in the right direction. We are aiming to keep it simple over here at Deadrise and keep you stocked up with the basic essentials for your adventures on the water. Only what you need, not all the crap.

Gear & Accessories - In the "Gear Shed" section of the website. We are gear junkies. We always enjoy reading and learning about the good stuff. So again we will be selling, writing about, and sharing great gear we have found with you. 

Content - We are creators, each in our own way. We collectively believe if you don't put amazing content out there that has an artistic spin or gives you the feels, then there is no point in doing it. We all loved magazines about whatever hobby or interest from a young age and still do as adults. Social media has become a bunch of random posts, we believe it should have more of a purpose and bring more to the table. That applies to all of our content. If it doesn't make you feel something, educate you, inspire you, or just make you better in general then its not worth putting out into the world.  We don't want to throw shit against a wall to create click bait using the same old marketing techniques.

Sharing life experiences - We love to eat good food, drink good booze, listen to good music and spend time with our close friends and loved ones. So along with all of the stuff we sell we will be sharing the good times with you. We hope that this motivates you to get out there and explore new places too. 

We are purveyors, motivators, and creators with a common goal of getting you out there, with style. See you on the water.



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