New in the shop - Von Zipper Eyewear

New in the shop - Von Zipper Eyewear

In case you haven't noticed we aren't quite mainstream. But we aren't just trying to be a bunch of weirdos that are different from everyone else. We believe in and support brands that stay true to their roots, are design forward thinkers, and make a damn good product that works. We don't plan on selling a lot of products. Instead, we plan on selling all the right products. Good stuff that makes for a better experience on your next adventure. 

There are a ton of great sunglasses out there in the boating space. But, most of them have a big corporate mentality and their products reflect that. They are mainstream. We had to choose a brand that has a different approach and fits into the style we mutually stand for. When it came to choosing sunglasses to offer, Von Zipper was high on the list.

In our 20 plus years of captain experience with over 100,000 miles offshore, 75% of that time was spent wearing Von Zippers. To say they've been tested would be an understatement. Staring at the bait spread behind the boat marlin fishing for 6-8 hours at a time, at the bar, at the beach, pretty much everywhere.  It's simple - They just work.

They have been around for 20 years and we've always had to go to the local surf shop to get them. They're utility and style driven, designed to work and look good at the same time and built with the best lenses in the world. We knew it was time to offer them to the boating world. So here they are for all of our center console folks who are looking for an alternative to all those mainstream brands out there.

Best features:

  • Big frames for blocking light and glare
  • Lightweight frames keep stress off of your ears
  • Multiple polarized options available 
  • Smaller stylish frames for happy hour 

Our Favorite Frames:

Clutch, Semi, Lomax, Fulton, Dipstick


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