Yeti Flip Review

Yeti Flip Review

We are long time Yeti users, but there are so many reasons why that's the case. For any of us who live a life of adventure, we know how beneficial high quality products truly are, and that's something that can only come with the test of time. The fact that some of our Yeti products are over 8 years old and still just as strong as they were on day one is something they as a company can be proud of, and us as consumers can equally share that pride in knowing the value of that initial purchase. While they certainly have a huge lineup of products built for the wild, we wanted to highlight one specific item that has become a game changer for our adventures.

The Yeti Hopper Flip soft sided cooler may seem like such a small and simple piece of our arsenal, but trust us it is not. In fact, to us, we love it for being much more than a cooler. The Flip has quickly become an amazing dry case to keep with us on the go, especially for our camera gear. One main reason is just how much damn stuff you can... stuff into it. We can throw multiple cameras, lenses, SD cards, drone, etc into one, and know that they are all easily accessible and sure to stay bone dry when that wave comes crashing over the bow while tarpon fishing on a nasty day. We don't use it with the safety expectations of something like a Pelican, those certainly have their time and place as well, but they take up much more space to carry the same amount of gear. And we certainly like cutting down how many things we need to bring on each trip any time we can. 

Earlier this year we did a trip down to Honduras searching for bones and permit for a week. A week of rain and wind. Days where we never saw the sun and our hands never dried out completely. The Yeti Flip was a game changer on the trip and without it our gear would have been toast time and time again. We can firmly say the "cooler" is tried and trued. 

Now don't get us wrong, we love our beer and the coolers that hold it too. The Flip is that perfect size when you're going out for just a short booze cruise, or over to a cookout with your buddies, and certainly isn't a pain to carry a distance. We give the Yeti Flip our Deadrise blessing and look forward to years of use out of it. For more info, head over to the Yeti site HERE and grab you one today. We recommend going with the size 12 or 18 depending on how much gear or beer you want to carry.

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