Mercury Marine 2-4-C 3.5 Oz Grease cartridge

Mercury Marine 2-4-C 3.5 Oz Grease cartridge

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A marine grease that will take extreme friction.

Quicksilver multi-purpose 2-4-C marine lubricant is a unique high quality grease that will maintain its consistency—even in the presence of water. Use this grease for cartridge-bearings, steering cables, trailer wheel bearings and more to maintain smooth operation. Formulated with PTFE for added protection to prevent wear and tear of metal components, this lubricant will withstand high friction in a wide range of conditions and provide corrosion protection. Available in tubes and cartridges to meet the needs of most applications.

Key Features

  • Formulated to maintain consistency in the presence of water
  • Contains PTFE for added protection
  • Ideal for linkages, trailer wheel bearings, steering cables and more
  • Cartridge fits standard grease guns
  • Available in tubes and smaller cartridges
  • Not for use on needle bearings or internal engine components