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Stiffy String-600lb. Spectra Reel Line

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The Stiffy String was developed through a collaboration with Cameron Kirkconnell. We designed an innovative reel line that would have an outstanding performance for spearguns, Hawaiian slings, and pole spears. The line is made from 1.8 mm thick spectra with a tensile strength of 600 lbs. The two most important attributes of this line is the abrasion resistance and stiffness. The spectra’s outstanding abrasion resistance allows the line to hold up a long time despite run-ins with rocks, wrecks, and fish teeth. The Stiffy String specially designed weave has makes it one of the stiffest lines in the market. The added stiffness gave us a line that is easily managed underwater. The Stiffy String can be purchased in 50ft increments or by the foot through special order.



Diameter = 1.8 mm



10% off 150 ft foot spools (for a limited time!). We also sell the line by the foot for $0.45 in spools up to 3000 ft. Please email for more information