Turtlebox Audio Bluetooth Speaker GEN 2

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Working in the engine room or rigging bait at the dock is better with Turtlebox.

Perfect for on the boat, at the sandbar, or anywhere you need big portable sound. 

Just like the Gen 1 TURTLEBOX, the Gen 2 is LOUDportablewaterproof and rugged.  Get crystal clear, distortion-free sound at up to 120dB that you can easily carry with one-hand. Pair any two Gen2 Turtlebox speakers together to enjoy True Left-Right Stereo Sound.



After 3 years of sales and being intentional and listening to our customers, we decided it was time to go back to the drawing board.

This trip to the draft-room wouldn't be much different from the first, except now we had our proverbial Master's Degree in product design. With this knowledge and expertise we asked the simple question "How Can We Make Turtlebox Even Better?"

What was birthed from answering this question was a Turtlebox that was improved in almost every way possible. No one improvement was mindblowing... but add them all up , and their sum is well HUGE.

  • Fuller, richer sound with more bass due to larger amp and driver
  • Five-Step Battery Level Indicator so you'll always know how much juice you have left
  • Larger 1.25” Tweeter
  • USB-C Charging Output for charging your phone
  • Three more battery cells mean a monster-sized 9-cell Lithium-Ion Battery

TURTLEBOX is loud, portable, waterproof and rugged.  Get crystal clear, distortion-free sound at up to 120dB that you can easily carry with one-hand.

  • Waterproof - IP67 Fully Waterproof & Dustproof, Impact Resistant. Waterproof Cap with Tether to Protect Port Openings from the Elements. Stainless Steel Hardware for Corrosion Resistance.
  • Sound Designed for Outdoors - Our Frequency Curve Creates Sound that Cuts Through Wind and Travels Distance.
  • Big Battery Pack - 20 hours of music at easy-listening volume and 6+ hours at max volume.  85 watt-hour built-in Lithium-Ion battery pack (9 cells); USB-C Charging Port. 
  • Charges your Phone - USB-C Output makes the Turtlebox a Portable Power Pack.
  • Bluetooth Stereo Pairing - Wirelessly Connect any Two Turtlebox Gen 2 speakers for True LEFT/RIGHT Stereo Imaging.
  • Packs a Punch - For its Big Sound, the Turtlebox is Extremely Portable, Lightweight and Compact. Comfortable Rubber Handle and Large Rubber Feet. Dimensions: 11.5" W x 6.5” D x 8.75” H; Weight: 10 lbs (about the size of a lunchbox)
  • Marine Grade Speaker - 6"x9" Polypropylene Speaker Cone with Rubber Surround and High-Efficiency Driver; 1.25" tweeter
  • LED Control Pad - Illuminated LED Rubber Control Pad including Volume Control and Track Skip 
  • Five-Step Battery Level LED Indicator - Works just like a fuel gauge on your car, you’ll always know how much juice is left
  • Tie-down Anchors - Located on both sides for use with 1” straps.
  • Auxiliary Output - Standard 3.5mm